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Barb K & Teresa Hill RE: “To my mind, the universe has tapped Obama for more than just a 2-term US president and the 1st black US president in history books,…” And “I’ve always believed Obama would do more and better things as an ex president that he ever did as president. I’ve been plagued all my life by precognitive visions and intuitions which came to pass pretty much as I had envisioned. I have no adequate epistemology with which to compare my visions to one another, or to judge their efficacy or accuracy, until after the fact.

One Example: In 1972 while visiting Houston I experienced a very powerful and complex 3 part vision of the Twin Towers going down sometime after the year 2000, (they had not yet been built) and a warning about the power of the “Karma Puppet,” a man connected with the Texas oil business who would become president who would do much harm, undo much good, and change things for the worse after the year 2000. But the “feeling” I got at the time remains as strong today as it was in 2008.

11th – a torrent of energy that is as strong as Niagra Falls.

His big it vantage over Carter is that he left office has a very popular and powerful president.

Transiting Chiron is and has been working with transiting Uranus for a long time (they maintain a semi-sextile for years! To my mind, the universe has tapped Obama for more than just a 2-term US president and the 1st black US president in history books, he might also be the salvation of our nation. He’s going to be like Jimmy Carter and do great things for the world, except I think he’ll do even more than Carter ever did.

I think you’ll be a leader and a visionary for decades to come.

It is the action though, forced on the world through these two agents, that will bring about a needed change for a world order that benefits the majority. (Bkoehler aka Barbk) Nancy, Many Thanks for allowing all of us to continue our various conversations on this blog. Under this mad regime we are all under great stress and it will surely continue for a good while.

If we can just believe it’s possible, but then that’s what a trans. This space is an oasis for sensitive, spiritual, like minded folks as do congregate here. Speaking for myself, I am more dis-stressed than I recall ever having been ever before because of difficult personal circumstances as well as the state of our nation and world. These are indeed “soul-crushing” times, and we all need to take care we are not permanently crushed by the Orange man or his minions.

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