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They then claim I wasn't their type when I tried to chase them up. Every attempt after that had been perpetual failure. The only possible reason I could have been kicked off was an honest question, albeit slightly odd.The only person I nearly had a chance to meet had her account deleted for no reason. I won't explain that here, but they know who they were.-Irrelevant fact: Own sister used this site and succeeded. Moral of this review: Don't expect anything good to come of mainstream dating sites. POF describes itself as free to use but it's not as I've just found out, since downloading the app an hour ago I have 45 blokes that 'want to meet me' but I can't see who they are unless I upgrade to a monthly subscription! So I guess I won't be meeting anyone, they shouldn't advertise the site as being free when it's not! And it's not like it's hard to spot them, they have taken all the pleasure away. I set up an account on POF and the following day I was sent a feedback request.I returned it giving them a poor 2 stars politely stating that they are too commercialised now but it was unlikely they would act on my comments because POF is all about making money...30 minutes later my account was deleted!And how about applying the converse of Monarch’s plan: objectionable passengers could be downgraded.A loud, sweary or plain rude person should be moved to the middle seat in the back row by the loo – though I recognise that they are likely to be loud and sweary due to excessive drinking, and may not respond well to relegation.My last Monarch flight, from Rome to Luton, was an hour late for reasons that were not entirely clear, generating plenty of stress when I was uncertain if I would make the last train (I did, but only just).How refreshing it would be for passengers on that flight to be offered a little extra such as priority next time in recognition of the modest inconvenience.

Certainly it’s a good plan to try to create some passenger engagement and loyalty by using otherwise perishable assets: empty extra-legroom seats and places in the priority line.

Surely with the supposed changes to society, women would be more open to stepping outside of their stereotypes? Then I tried Badoo, which is an ongoing experiment, but I expect failure since nobody I wrote to has replied. I used to be getting plenty of mutual matches, now in 2017 almost none and those that I do get come almost entirely from either fake profiles trying to sell services or just profiles that would never be my match even in a million years.

Not to complain, of course.-Almost nobody read my profile at all.-Then my profile was deleted, with no way to make a new account or to make amends, I learnt that dating online was, for this most part, a waste of effort. I suspect, however, for my fate on that site to be the same as the former. Most of the profiles referred to you will be inactive and non responsive. And yes right now, no idea what happened but the amount of fake profiles is just outrageous! It's incredible It's a pity that POF has moved away from being a completely free site.

But bear in mind that passengers on the same flight who actually paid for these perks may be cheesed off when they learn that some of their fellow passengers have received the rewards in return for charm, not cash.

An alternative idea — and one which the airline should be able easily to implement, if only for its Vantage Club frequent flyers – is to offer benefits to passengers whose past flights have not been problem-free.

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