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One video shows the exterior of the spaceship, the sleek walls of the new theater, the 'Apple Campus tunnel,' and several areas still under construction.

got a first-hand look at the remarkable campus, with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, freshly planted trees, and an undeniable attention to detail.There's also the slightly strange feel everything is very, very fresh (especially the smell of manure).The Steve Jobs Theater is also jaw dropping - shimmering in the morning sun, it looks almost otherworldly - which is possibly not surprising given the amount of money Apple has spent getting every detail right.The theater also has two specially made rotating elevators, which turn as they ascend and descend so that passengers enter and exit by the same door - even though they go in and out from different directions.Just last week, aerial footage was released showing a glimpse at the the new state-of-art Apple complex in Cupertino, California.

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