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Always inform nurses as soon as possible if any of these patient objectives are modified or reversed.

This includes any new imaging, labwork and any other new insights to the patient's goals of care.

An MD is just a piece of paper that gives a person permission to start learning how to be an actual doctor. Clinical experience and training are the only things that matter materially to patients.

To some extent access to education is in the mix also. But a doctor might be a DO also, a doctor of osteopathic medicine. Except that, a nurse might have an undergraduate degree in something other than nursing, and get the nursing training later in a master’s degree program. Burning bras were a way of protesting gender inequality. A primary care doctor makes less than a nurse anesthetist.The computerization of medical records has spurred increases the need for physician extenders to support practices. Clothing has long been a tangible symbol of turbulent times.A huge reason recently has been cost-containment considerations. The casting off of corsets was a signal of relaxing social restrictions.A big reason is the entry of women into the field of medicine. The physical appearance and dress of nurses and doctors in hospitals today is actually emblematic of the blurring of the lines of identity that have characterized medicine in recent years.Another is the development of advanced degrees for nurses. A doctor might wear scrubs; a nurse practitioner might wear a white coat; in the operating room, everybody wears the same thing.

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