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Oddities Flea Market Curated by Ryan Matthew Cohn The Oddities Flea Market curated by Ryan Matthew Cohn is a Brooklyn based event that takes place at the Brooklyn Bazaar seasonally.Offering three floors of exciting, top of the line purveyors of the odd – there is an endless sea of strange and unusual objects.The Cohn’s Greenpoint apartment is filled with skulls, mini mummies, drawers full of carefully aligned human teeth and a dessicated anus.These visceral objects sit alongside stately rare books and 18th century oil paintings sourced from European flea markets, all illuminated by dramatic antique chandeliers.This weekend, he and his wife, Regina, will launch the second edition of their Oddities Flea Market at Brooklyn Bazaar in Greenpoint where they, along with over 40 other vendors, will sell their bizarre wares.last fall, the result of soaring rent prices and overhead costs.The shoppers are as multifarious as the fair’s offerings as well.“We get a lot of tattoo artists that come through, along with serious collectors, doctors interested in strange specimens, and people who are just shopping for some cool decor,” Cohn said.

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She planned to go to law school but she did terribly on the LSAT, so she got a master’s in art history instead.Growing up in Upstate New York, he was surrounded by nature, prompting an interest in natural history early on.His love of collecting developed at the tender age of eight.S., as well as well as a dozen additions, prompting the fair to expand by three rooms.Sellers include artists like photographer Karen Jerzyk, jewelry designers Blood Milk and Goldengrove, rare book and antiquities dealers, taxidermists, and osteologists.

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