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Trish and I bought the theater from the previous owners John and Jenny Stanford when they retired to Oregon.We bought it to save it from the development craze that hit the area in the beginning decade of this century.The inside is is still as grand as the day it first opened.Most of the interior is original from its opening day Friday July 14, 1939 (just ask us, we will point out the original details).Its all our honor to own the historic Roxy Theatre in fantastic Cascade, Idaho.We get great joy keeping this landmark open to entertain and bring arts to the people we call family.He is also well loved by his many friends who fondly call him ‘Easy Joe’.

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It was the most technologically advanced theatre built in Idaho at the time, at the amazing price of ,000.It was our honor to save the Roxy Theatre and continue on the Standford's dream. Things never come easy but we have to keep our local community going and this cannot be done by driving to Boise. Remember every dollar you spend in your local economy will turn over more than 4 times before it leaves town.At times it seemed like a nightmare, but we weathered the recession with the help of the greatest residents in Idaho. At The Roxy, we strive to give you a great value but the best theater money can buy. Please join us in making The Roxy the best place to see entertainment.The Roxy also has top of the line equipment and the best seats in Idaho. The Roxy is also small town and we will give you better service. See your movies and live shows here in our home town. Did you know our business cards are modeled after the Golden Ticket in Willey Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. We wish we could tell you the same would happen with our card, but, well, it can get you two free popcorns on the back of the card.As always PLEASE, PLEASE give us your ideas and thoughts and, please support your local stores and Chamber Members. The Roxy Theatre in Cascade, Idaho was, and still is, the most beautiful building in Cascade, Idaho.

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