Online dating dilemmas questions

But I am sure there are those that have no problem with that and enjoy it.There isn’t anything to say that is wrong, as long as you are having fun, and being careful not to hurt anyone.For that reason it felt like this date was not going to happen, it was a clear lack of interest on her part.The end of the work day was fast approaching and she suddenly makes herself apparent.

She finds my recent venture into veganism intriguing as she stares at me whilst leaning over the table, her hands resting on her cheeks.

The old me would have sucked it up and met up for drinks anyway.

But in reality I was clearly more interested in the date from the previous week.

You have that great date with someone that has promising potential for romance. But what about the other potential dates you had lined up, who also seem to be very nice people?

Should we focus our attention on that person who seems lovely?

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