Online dating expectation vs reality pics

If you neglect other relationships in your life, your relationships will end up neglecting you too 9.

He will take care of me financially: Unless you have an understanding from the very beginning this may be quite an unrealistic expectation.

Here are some expectations that have no place in any happy and healthy relationship: 1.

Set aside certain days and time that each of you takes a break to spend with your friends and family.

Having faith and trusting who you are and taking care of yourself shows the other that you deserve the same from him. He must need me as much as I need him: Needing someone is like saying that you feel unwanted and unworthy.

Value yourself enough that you will never "need" anyone. Our relationship should be easy going: In relationships as in life there are always ups and downs, good days and bad days.

Everyone I interviewed had to say a physical attribute and an attribute having to do with personality. For physical attributes, most women said they prefer a guy who is athletic and tall, while most men said they prefer a woman with a nice, filled-out figure with a skinny waistline.

"Someone with a nice smile, "Someone who is confident," "Someone with a nice figure," "Someone who will laugh at stuff easily," "A girl who is independent," "Doesn’t take herself too seriously," "Nice hair," "Looks like she takes care of herself," "I like it when a girl wears red," "She has a nice waist," "Nice lips," "Pretty eyes," "A great laugh," "She isn’t too dramatic," "Can talk about intelligent things," "A happy, positive person about life," "Able to just sit, relax and chill," "Not too bossy or clingy.""Tall," "Ambitious," "Kind," "Kind to them but a jerk to everyone else," "Confident," "Athletic," "Manly," "Texts back right away," "Has money," "Is educated," "Sensitive," "A good listener," "A strong build," "Nice smile.""Confidence," "A sense of humor," "A best fiend who will do anything with you," "Funny," "Tall," "Nice smile," "Somewhat fit and outdoorsy," "Nice facial features," "Independent, educated and can provide for themselves," "Communication is easy," "Has his own life going for him/Not clingy," "Understanding," "Sensitive but not too much," "Treats me with full respect," "Influences me to be a better person," "Gets along with the family (mine and his)," "Mature/responsible," "Happy/Positive about life""Adaptable," "A good listener.""Skinny," "Big boobs and big butts," "Will laugh at their jokes," "Kind," "Not too much drama," "Not too much maintenance," "A girl who dresses right," "A woman who won't make him wait too long," "Easy," "Kind," "Confident." I also asked every guy I interviewed if they prefer a big butt or big boobs on a woman. Women definitely talked about wanting ambition and maturity more than men did.

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