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We should view them as oil wells that can provide a commodity that healthy men need to function properly: sex.

Now that the emotional and familial purpose of male-female interactions are being eliminated, thanks to a woman’s demand for “independence,” a modern man should focus on extracting as many instances of sex from individual women as he can until the well becomes dry.

But it was a mistake for her and a mistake for me.”Packer and Carey started dating in 2015 and split in October 2016, just nine months after announcing their engagement.

But, when it came time for her second song, vocals for "Pieces of Me" began playing, again – and Ashlee…It’s first important to realize that not all oil wells are equal.Some are easy to find while others require delicate GPS sensors.Women are just like oil mines in that they’re not all equal in how they present their sexual interest, what game methods they require for sex, how long it takes them to have sex with you, how accessible they are to other miners, and how many instances of sex you will have with her until it no longer becomes profitable to mine her. They viewed them as a construction site with plentiful raw materials where a wonderful home could be built to last for over 50 years, a home that was worth maintaining and caring for.If you approach women in such a manner today, a tornado will rip through the construction site before you’ve even established the foundation. Not long ago I dated a Polish girl who was 14 years younger than me.

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    So I was missing out on a massive part of my social life.' 'That was my mindset.

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    On one particular day, Scott wrote, “Flew climbs, turns, descents and straight and level, with and without hood.” Under recommendations for the next training session he wrote: “More air work; climbs, turns, descents, S&L; with/without hood.