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After solving the encryption, Chirality achieved script execution, and dubbed his method "proto conversion." He then created an exploit called Seven, which was the first of many exploits to use the new method.

Some of the most prevalent and infamous exploits in history, such as Elysian, Intriga, Cerberus and EX-7, have used this method to execute scripts.

Over the course of Roblox's history, many advances towards reducing exploiting have been attempted.

When Lua runs programs, the Lua virtual machine compiles code to Lua bytecode before it is interpreted.

Using Lua bytecode, he created a function that allowed a script to steal values from other functions, including C functions.

This made it possible to steal values from Roblox's API's, but months passed until someone found a way to use this bug to modify the global environment and to become capable to make the core scripts and the join script execute any Lua code in a game server.

In the summer of 2015, a user named Chirality on an underground Roblox exploit development/marketplace forum called "V3rmillion" came up with an idea: By using the regular vanilla Lua compiler to generate a Lua function prototype, then modifying it to be compatible with Roblox's VM, he could achieve script execution.

This process was made easier through use of C 's very flexible data types, where after reversing the right structs, accessing all the data from a Roblox function prototype was trivial.

After the removal of the Lua compiler from the client, Roblox made heavy changes to the Lua VM.

Early attempts to implement this method of script execution were the highly popular 'Alx' and 'Nyx' exploits - made by the two major exploit developers of the time, Austin and Chirality, respectively.

Both of these exploits were later rewritten to use Proto Conversion instead.

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