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Conditional love, unlike God’s love, is being loved or shown attention and affection only if a person behaves or acts a certain way.Conditional love, in all of its many forms, can cause a sense of anxiety that leads the sex addict to act out.Regardless, the X3pure online workshops will equip you with a strong knowledge of the issues surrounding pornography and sexual addiction and give you insight into the nature of sexual temptation.Once you complete the course, you will be able to win the battle against sexual temptation and maintain your sexual purity and freedom.The Internet has created a wave of pornography addicts with its pervasive porn delivery mechanisms.It is time to truly help yourself by starting the X3pure program right now.In four powerful parts, this section breaks down this conversion into our “Recovery Targets”: 1) Psychological Examination of Feelings; 2) Seeking, Establishing, and Engaging in Community; 3) Truth, Trust, and Territory; and 4) Development and Exploration of Genuine Faith. You may be a parent who desires to understand the struggles that your child is going through.For “whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” (1 John 4:8). You may want to understand the nature of sexual temptation and learn about tools to use in maintaining your purity.

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There are two parts to this section that will help you learn how to “guard your heart” (Pr.This section has three parts detailing a portion of the brain called the reward system.These three parts cover what that system is, what happens to the reward system when it has become addicted to sex, and what it will be like changing the reward system back into its normal state.Far and away the largest subset of people who are dealing with sexual addiction is dealing specifically with Internet pornography addiction.The Internet has brought many, many good things to our lives–but it has also enabled the anonymous, always-on, and affordable (often free) access to pornography.

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