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Behind the times with her old world values, her grandmother was from another time and another place.

She didn't understand the new world, sexual order of modern day women.

Much better than just using her fingers, they all took her to a place where she needed to go for her to get through her day. " She liked squeezing him for the toy to make his quacking sound. Another one of her favorite masturbation toys was her yellow submarine.

If only men would take the time to sexually arouse their women before sticking their cocks in their hands, in her mouths, and in her pussies, they'd be surprised the passion they'd release.

With all of them on the birth control pill, she was tired of listening to her girlfriends talking about making love to their boyfriends.

She didn't want to hear about their sexual exploits, their erotic escapades, and their one night stands with them having wild, unprotected sex with a guy they met online or with a man they picked up at the club.

Seemingly, with them being such promiscuous sluts behind closed bedroom doors, men need to know that they shouldn't be the ones having all the fun but that their women want to have some sexy fun too.

Whether it's dress up or role play, women can be just as sexually imaginative as men, even more so.

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