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I have searched the 38 volume Edinberg Church Fathers and find that Eusebius talks about Matthew in Aramaic and St.Jerome alludes to having Hebrew commentaries on Matthew. I can really find no cogent line of reasoning to support late dating of the Gospels. Late dating might be popular but it has no real evidence to support such a hypothesis and certainly not with the certitude many proponents profess. Among modern “scholars” it has been popular in recent decades to date the NT writings, including the Gospels, as relatively late.Her experience in the psychology behind relationships has spawned her blog Devyn on Dating, an "online dating gospel" for advice on modern courtship.She became engaged to Nathan Littlewood in October of 2015.A pageant queen, she won the title of Miss American Teen in 2005.

Rather, I am inclined to early dating of most or all of the NT writings, in light of the following:1.And remember, Acts is clearly written after the Gospel of St.Luke, and so whatever date is given to Acts assumes the Gospel is earlier.3.The issue of dating is important in that it often reflects deeper issues below the surface.Often, those who advocate late dating are implicitly rejecting some of the historicity of the Gospels, arguing instead that many details reflect the early Church and not the words or actions of our Lord.

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