Outlook client profile updating utility

So if you are also using e M Client program and want to create e M Client portable version which doesn't need to be installed and can be carried on USB drives, following steps will help you: If you don't have e M Client installed in your computer, first of all install it and then copy e M Client folder from "C:\Program Files\" (in 32-bit Windows edition) or "C:\Program Files (x86)\" (in 64-bit Windows edition) folder and paste it to any desired location.For example if you want to create portable version of e M Client on a different drive like E:\, then copy the folder to E:\ drive.Personally I use Windows Live Mail program which is a part of Microsoft's official Windows Essentials pack.Recently I decided to give a try to other email client programs as Microsoft doesn't seem in mood of maintaining and updating Windows Essential pack any more.First of all go to following folder: Now cut or copy everything and paste them in the new database folder created in Step 2.It'll force e M Client to use your existing settings and email accounts otherwise it'll work like a fresh installation and will ask you to create new email accounts and everything else.

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They can be given access to receive mails pertaining the meetings however.

If you want to put e M Client portable edition on USB drive, then copy the folder to your USB drive.

Since we want to create e M Client portable version, we'll move this default database location to the new e M Client folder which we copied to a different drive or our USB drive.

I tried lots of free as well as paid email clients and the program which finally impressed me a lot was e M Client.

e M Client is a free email client program for Windows which looks very close to Microsoft Outlook program. I found that the program has become very popular among people and provides lots of settings and options to customize its functionality as well as its user interface.

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