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The coastal area is fertile, and was formerly covered by the humid Pernambuco coastal forests, the northern extension of the Atlantic Forests (Mata Atlântica) of eastern Brazil.

It is now place to extensive sugar cane plantations.

There are two clearly defined seasons, a rainy season from March to June, and a dry season for the remaining months.

The interior of the state is covered mostly by the dry thorny scrub vegetation called caatinga.

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In 1982 the city of Olinda, the second oldest city in Brazil, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.In the interim, thousands of the enslaved Africans had fled to Palmares, and soon the mocambos there had grown into two significant states.The Dutch Republic, who allowed sugar production to remain in Portuguese hands, regarded suppression of Palmares important, but they were unsuccessful.Recife, the state capital and Olinda have one of the most traditional Brazilian Carnivals.Both have architecture of Portugal, with centuries-old casarões (colonial houses) and churches, kilometers of beaches and much culture.

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