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Based on the submitted complaints, number grades from 10 (Highest) to 1 (Lowest) are assigned to businesses.If there is insufficient information or pending updates to a business’ profile, you will see a 'NR' (Not Rated) score."Unresolved Reported Damages"shows how much money has been lost by all of users who filed complaints against the company.This score is purely based on complaints submitted to Scambook by consumers.She doesn't need to hire a high priced tax attorney or CPA, she just needs to get the help of a professional with experience in dealing with IRS problems. Either the IRS is right and she owes the tax, in which case her best bet is to set up an installment plan with them, or the IRS is partially right and she owes or does not owe tax based on her actual tax situation. hmm you know what, i think she did blown off previous correspondence, well she was out of state and returned with unopened late mail, i just asked her actually while reading your reply, by the way thanks for the quick reply.Ok here is what she is telling me, on the 5564 form it says: Deficiency - Increase in Tax 6 and on the right Penalties - one for 0 failure to file and the other for 0 failure to pay, which she says that could be the case, so IRS could be right.To identify the best technology to create a winning workforce, download our free guide.ok so here is my question regarding my sisters business of selling jewelry online, she is not that savvy when it comes to law and tax since she has to file her self as individual income, well to make this short, her question is as she explained to me, she has received a form from the IRS FORM 5564 titled NOTICE OF DEFICIENCY - WAIVER she would like to know what this form is and what she needs to do.

what form is this and how will she need to file for her tax return?What should she do, does she send payment along with this form or does she just sign the form and wait?also how would she contact them for installment plan? ok i see, that makes sense, now what if she cant pay the entire amount and wants to come up with a payment plan, how does she inform them or ask?Our Frequently Asked Questions can help you determine the correct course of action.At Community Tax, LLC, we pride ourselves on being a full-service tax company, offering a wide range of tax related services geared towards both individuals and businesses.

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