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laser welded magnetic materials in icaleo '95 14th international congress on applications of lasers electro-optics san diego ca usa 13- 932-941 hardness characteristics of laser welded joints in cleo/pacific rim'95 pacific rim conference on lasers electro-optics chiba japan 10-14 july 1995 p 298 making sense of new testament theology "modern" problems prospects mercer macon ga of the jews to the gentiles a new generation in pauline studies anglican theological review what is postmodern biblical criticism?fortress press minneapolis minn corporate equal opportunities (non-) disclosure british accounting review social environmental reporting in europe social environmental accountability journal knemometry in childhood a study to compare the precision of two different techniques annals of human biology bacterial toxins as novel antigen delivery systems livestock production science first measurement of the rate for the inclusive radiative penguin decay b→sγ physical review letters first observation of ≡c Ⅵ≡0e νe an estimate of the ≡c /≡c0 lifetime ratio physical review letters first observation of the decay ≡c →≡0e νe an estimate of the ≡c ≡c0 lifetime ratio physical review letters observation of b → ψπ decays physics letters b new decay modes of the λc charmed baryon physical review letters colonic adenocarcinoma associated ectopic acth secretion a case history european journal of cancer nucleotide predicted peptide sequence of feline interferon-gamma (ifn-gamma) dna sequence the journal of dna sequencing mapping reduced vasodilator responses to noradrenaline correlates with decreased density of -adrenoceptor flurophore binding in the basilar artery from old wky rats methods finding in experimental clinical pharmacology structural functional alterations in the basilar artery from stroke prone spontaneously hypertensive rats in 7th european meeting on hypertension milan italy 9- p 12 search for b → ℓνℓ physical review letters comparison of second line agents in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis discussion paper personal social services research unit kent review of second line agents in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis discussion paper personal social services research unit kent semileptonic branching fractions of charged neutral b mesons physical review letters a toda system physics letters a observation of a narrow state decaying into ξc π- physical review letters pakistanis in scotland census data research issues scottish geographical magazine the communicating technologist an educational challenge in frontiers in education conference υ(1s)→γ noninteracting particles physical review d inclusive decays of b mesons to charmonium physical review d measurements of the decays τ-Ⅵh-h h-ντ τ-Ⅵh-h h-π0ντ physical review letters crime in mcgregor a kintrea k fitzpatrick i (eds ) interim evaluation the wester hailes partnership scottish office central research unit edinburgh uk 118-127 housing crime preliminary findings of a national housing 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incorporating a semiconductor laser amplifier an electroabsorption modulator electronics letters credibility fundamentals were the classical interwar gold standards well-behaved target zones?

archives of disease in childhood bank managers lending decisions to small firms project report scottish enterprise foundation (unpublished) decision making by scottish bank managers international journal of entrepreneurial behaviour research some nonontological functionally unconnected views on current issues in the analysis of pet datasets journal of cerebral blood flow metabolism model inconsistency illustrated by cox proportional hazards model statistics in medicine some thoughts on pictish symbols as a formal writing system in henderson i henry d (eds ) the worm the germ the thorn pictish related studies presented to isabel henderson pinkfoot press 85-98 language in pictland spoken written in nicoll e h forsyth k (eds ) a pictish panorama the story of the picts pinkfoot press 7-10 behind the veil of aristocracy cioran’s strategy for dealing with the painful memories of his nationalist past times literary supplement the untamed eye surrealism film theory screen 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bálint's patient cognitive neuropsychology neurocontrollers designed by a genetic algorithm in genetic algorithms in engineering systems innovations applications (galesia 9 doubly-resonant optical parametric oscillators - tuning behavior stability requirements optics communications continuous frequency tuning of a cw optical parametric oscillator through tuning of its pump source optics letters dictionary of immunology academic press london uk a 17th century italian treatise on miniature painting its author(s) in wallert a hermens e peek m (eds ) historical painting techniques materials studio practice preprints of a symposium held at the university of leiden the netherlands 26-29 june 1995 getty conservation institute malibu 48-58 environmental aspects of pc hardware in 12th international conference on case method research case method application maribor slovenia 12- the role of information networks in promoting sustainable development in 5th ifac symposium on automated systems based 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in place-names neuphilologische mitteilungen bulletin of the modern language society oe īsern in place-names studia neophilologica on *hjarðar-bý(r) "herd farm" notes queries place-name evidence for the interpretation of old english poetry old english newsletter review of adrian room the naming of animals an appellative reference to domestic work show animals real fictional (jefferson nc mcfarland & co 1993) names a journal of onomastics review of della hooke pre-conquest charter-bounds of devon cornwall (woodbridge boydell 1994) nomina journal of the society for name studies in britain ireland three place-name compounds oe swinland oe wiþerstede oe capland journal of the english place-name society wulf eadwacer a note on ungelic anq a quarterly journal of short articles notes reviews a database for english place-names names a journal of onomastics the place-name annesley journal of the english place-name society the place-name felderland notes queries the place-names bridford britford birdforth nottingham medieval studies moonhill journal of the english place-name society alternative splicing of the type-iva cyclic amp phosphodiesterase gene provides isoform variants with distinct n-terminal domains fused to a common soluble catalytic unit ‘designer’ changes in vmax stability membrane association biochemical society transactions dual inhibitory stimulatory activities in serum from sle patients lupus mice that regulate the proliferation of an il-2-dependent t cell line lupus solving marketing optimization problems using genetic algorithms european journal of marketing the term structure of interest rates in the london interbank market oxford economic papers a review of cervical cancer cervical screening implications for nursing practice journal of advanced nursing review of d o'sullivan adult education social commitment adult education quarterly a metabolic complication of severe burns burns microsatellite polymorphism analysis allows the individual assignment of the rat 11-beta-hydroxylase gene (cyp11b1) the rat aldosterone synthase gene (cyp11b2) to chromosome-7 using rat x mouse somatic-cell hybrids identifies differences between a journal of molecular endocrinology left-ventricular mass in hereditary human hypertension - glucocorticoid-suppressible hyperaldosteronism journal of hypertension clinical biochemical genetic features of 5 extended kindreds with glucocorticoid-suppressible hyperaldosteronism endocrine research glucocorticoid-suppressible hyperaldosteronism - effects of crossover site parental origin of chimeric gene on phenotypic-expression clinical science impaired 11-beta-hydroxylase activity in glucocorticoid-suppressible hyperaldosteronism hypertension ace genotype progression of iga nephropathy - reply lancet att reflektera över gud idag svensk teologisk kvartalskrift att reflektera över gud idag lundaforskare föreläser call response the challenge of christian life gill macmillan dublin ireland 'death where is your sting?independent the effect of reconstitution with cryopreserved thymocytes on thein vivoantibody response to sheep red blood cells aeromonas salmonicida dnp-klh in adult long term thymectomised rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss) fish shellfish immunology gender poverty the intra-household distribution of resources review of income wealth the price elasticity of housing demand in britain issues of sample selection journal of housing economics complications during recovery from anaesthesia in the equine patient equine veterinary education the height distribution of non-thermal x-ray sources in impulsive solar flares astronomy astrophysics on determining flare beam parameters from loop-top hard x-ray sources astrophysical letters communications how bank managers make lending decisions to small firms in blackburn r jennings p (eds ) small firms contributions to economic regeneration paul chapman london activitat musical a balaguer 1926-1935 in 75 anys d'història balaguer choral society 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management the management of design in british academy of management conference birmingham uk 1996 intimin from enteropathogenic escherichia coli restores murine virulence to a citrobacter rodentium eaea mutant induction of an immunoglobulin a response to intimin espb infection immunity limits on flavor changing neutral currents in d0 meson decays physical review letters neutral pion photoproduction from the proton near threshold physics letters b apparent uncoupling of oncogenicity from fibroblast transformation apoptosis in a mutant myc gene transduced by feline leukemia virus journal of virology opportunity structures the management of youth transitions in helve h bynner j (eds ) youth life management research perspectives helsinki university press helsinki finland neighbourhoods opportunity structures occupational aspirations sociology city watching closed circuit television surveillance in public spaces area "the way our people came" citizenship capitalism racial diffrence in the valley of the moon in cassuto l reesman j c (eds ) rereading jack london stanford university press stanford calif 141-157 assessing literacy new patches on old garments or a re-channelling of the mainstream in warry m (ed ) navigating in a sea of change second set of working papers of the higher education policy project central queensland university press rockhampton 143-150 increasing access chancing equity social justice australian higher education in warry m (ed ) navigating in a sea of change second set of working papers of the higher education policy project central queensland university press rockhampton 16-26 increasing widening access to higher education a comparative study of policy provision in scotland australia international journal of lifelong education feminist accounting overview of developments in research practice accounting forum accounting/art the emancipatory project some reflections accounting auditing accountability journal analysis of bentham's chrestomathia or towards a critique of accounting education critical perspectives on accounting no blinkered view critical reflections on the teaching of a compulsory course component on alternative perspectives on finance accounting education what's wrong with green accounting auditing prescription?endocrine research corticosteroids in essential hypertension multiple candidate loci phenotypic variation clinical experimental pharmacology physiology insanity unfitness to plead juridical review women who kill violent men juridical review energetics of protein-cyclodextrin interactions journal of inclusion phenomena molecular recognition in chemistry nurse practitioners in a&e a literature review emergency nurse nurse practitioners in a&e a literature review in 4th international nurse practitioner conference edinburgh uk design of a static fourier-transform spectrometer with increased field of view applied optics pcr-based detection partial characterization of a retrovirus associated with contagious intranasal tumors of sheep goats journal of virology a comparison of epidural infusions of fentanyl or pethidine with bupivacaine in the management of postoperative pain anaesthesia home loss disturbance payments scolag the hague convention on international child abduction recent scottish cases scottish law practice quarterly international child abduction questions of custody in nichols d (ed ) butterworth's scottish family law service butterworths 441-519 biochemical markers of bone turnover hormone research in paediatrics collagen markers bone alkaline phosphatase as predictors of bone turnover growth paediatric osteology asleep in italy byron shelley in 1819 keats-shelley review india in sturrock j (ed ) the oxford guide to contemporary writing oxford university press oxford uk 204-220 keats the politics of cockney style studies in english literature 1500-1900 shelleyan incest the romantic legacy keats-shelley journal multiple phenotypes associated with myc-induced transformation of chick embryo fibroblasts can be dissociated by a basic region mutation nucleic acids research the invisible general practitioner the careers of scottish medical students in the late nineteenth century bulletin of the history of medicine micros medical students sources methods for exploring the educational careers completion rates of scottish medical students in the late nineteeth century in denley p (ed ) computing techniques the history of universities max-planck-institut fur geschichte in kommission bei scripta mercaturae verlag st katharinen 155-174 on the role of field-induced polarization in the surface electrification of insulators applied physics letters oxford university working papers in linguistics philology phonetics theme issue phonetics [volume editors] oxford university working papers in linguistics philology phonetics fiscal policy aggregate consumption new evidence from the united states scottish journal of political economy heart failure - implications of the true size 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hera physics letters b inclusive charged particle distributions in deep inelastic scattering events at hera zeitschrift für physik c rapidity gaps between jets in photoproduction at hera physics letters b second-harmonic generation the orbital angular momentum of light physical review a atomic molecular optical physics induction of antigen-specific antibodies in vaginal secretions by using a nontoxic mutant of heat-labile enterotoxin as a mucosal adjuvant infection immunity fear of crime conceptual development field testing empirical confirmation project report economic social research council the cost-effectiveness of improved street lighting as a crime prevention measure lighting journal rural geography political economy a research agenda for rural north carolina north carolina geographer for a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious scientific geography annals of the association of american geographers using economics alongside clinical trials why we cannot choose the evaluation technique in advance health economics accounting's location in a transition process the case of hungary management toxins toxoids as mucosal immunogens adjuvants bacterial protein toxins diffraction at hera an experimental perspective journal of physics g nuclear particle physics facing up to the plurality of goals methods needs resources in hci australian journal of information systems integrative evaluation an emerging role for classroom studies of cal computers education measurement of the form factors for b¯0→d* ℓ-v physical review letters china in montgomery r campbell j duckett j kinnear r clisby s (eds ) guidance note on ethnicity indigenous peoples ethnic minorities centre for development studies swansea 73-81 restructuring for an encroaching market china’s experience of commercial system reform in stanyer j hampsher-monk i (eds ) contemporary political studies 1996 political studies association of the united kingdom belfast 298-306 the emergence of the entrepreneurial state in 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from the buchan karst southeastern australia earth surface processes landforms endothelin-1 angiotensin ii receptors in cells from rat hypertrophied heart receptor regulation intracellular ca2 modulation circulation research the obsession with definition the nature of crime critical legal theory social legal studies now judges speak out but should we listen?

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