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Cal speaks with Collins, who shares his research findings—Point Corp is cooperating with other defense contractors to create a monopoly and purchase government surveillance and defense contracts, essentially privatizing United States security from the government.

Cal's Point Corp insider returns with the address of someone linked to the suspected assassin.

Cal finds the assassin living there and calls the police, who force the man to disappear after he shoots at Cal.

Della, following a close lead, finds the identity of the well-dressed man who was speaking to Sonia in the listed photographs.

Later, she reviews CCTV footage and recognizes a man she saw at the hospital.

It is later revealed that Point Corp stands to gain €36.95 billion (over .3 billion U. in 2009) annually from its mercenary activities in the Middle East and domestically.

When he chose to concentrate his time on his family, the task was handed to Bourne film series screenwriter Tony Gilroy, who performed a small rewrite based upon Carnahan's notes."I wanted to explore the ambiguity of journalism...

It's a kind of a conceit that journalists live under, that they remain objective. They're all too human, all too emotionally affected.

Officers arrive and shoot Bingham before he opens fire. There, Cal and Della type up their own story, noting that Collins was secured and arrested.Collins reveals that he had been suspicious of Sonia, and that he hired the assassin to watch her. Collins says that Bingham hated Point Corp more than he did, and that he killed Sonia with no authorization from him.Cal tells Collins that he has three minutes to leave his office before the police arrive, as he has already contacted them.After a second bidding war, Mission acquired the rights for Universal Pictures in December 2004.Macdonald was a fan of the original mini-series, and said it would be a "hard act to follow".

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