Penny hardaway dating

Merriweather, now 38, doesn't know quite how to explain what happened.

He had gone through surgery and then was given his death sentence.

"When the doctors gave up on me, I never gave up on myself. I knew I had to come back to my son and my daughter and my wife -- and most of all, my team." He asked God to give him one more chance, to return him to the hardwood floors of Lester Middle. More than anything, he longed to coach his son Nick again.

"I came over and saw the team and just instantly fell in love," Hardaway says.

A man who grew up without one, who'd come to serve as a surrogate dad to a dozen boys, watched in awe.

Hardaway, now 40, made more than 0 million in a pro basketball career that spanned 16 seasons.

If you wanted to play for him, you had to focus on school. He'd arrive early in the morning, stick his head in the classrooms, make sure his boys were behaving.

He quizzed teachers about the players' progress reports: What areas do they need help in?

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