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But she wouldn’t want to see it institutionalized as universal Jewish Law.Better that it be an individual decision, made on a case-by-case basis. First, the status of a could provide couples with a Jewish framework for their premarital actions, would such a change, on the macro-level, somehow harm the very values that have kept Judaism vibrant and functioning over thousands of years?Nor does Jewish Law ignore the emotional benefits to promoting committed pair-bonds.( mandates that a husband must please his wife sexually, for example.) But, I asked Carmi, in their unique role as formulators of laws that were at once both religiously binding and nation-building for adherents, did the rabbis go too far?Why am I spending so much time trying to understand brain function, testosterone and teenagers?The truth is, despite what I do or don’t do personally, I have tremendous regard for tradition.Codify that into a stream of laws and you have a recipe for repression.

Getting married too early can lock a couple in before their true direction has a chance to emerge, leading to the potential for deep unexpressed dissatisfaction. So, should Jewish Law differentiate between different stages in life, tacitly if not implicitly?

Was instituting a series of draconian laws to regulate sexual behavior the only – or even best – way to push hormone-crazed young people into marriage?

Carmi believes the problem is not so much the laws themselves, but to whom they are directed.

Moreover how should Jewish Law relate to changes brought by contraception?

While by no means perfect, does scientific advancement that results in today’s reality, where not every unmarried sexual encounter will necessarily lead to an unwanted child, coupled with irreversible and, yes, cross-denominational changes in attitudes and behaviors towards premarital physical contact (be it sex or just hugging), mandate flexibility in ? Tzvi Zohar of Bar Ilan University who in 2006 wrote a contentious article in the academic journal was ever intended for the masses; the medieval sage the Rambam ruled that the concept was only meant for kings, but this was considered a minority opinion.

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