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In addition to these flagrant flaws the selection process itself lends its best purposes to people that start out "relationally challenged".

These are people that due to a variety of either genetic or environmental circumstances find themselves nearly incapable of a real honest and loving relationship.

This also creates havoc to a well grounded person is on that site expecting to find a relationship.

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This started what she thought was the beginning of a promising romance with a like-minded individual.

In the film, the protagonist messages a girl he likes the look of and waits anxiously for her reply and Victoria humorously documents his emotional turmoil.

“Despite the anonymity that the internet grants its users, there is still anxiety that comes with trying to connect with people online,” says Victoria.

In fact, psychologists state the actual odds of finding someone truly compatible are about one in sixty three when using just these methods.

Internet sites typically post a photo and brief description of an individual based on information supplied by the client themselves.

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