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Salient information (you frequently think about it) strongly influences our evaluations of our emotions and feelings.Thus, one hypothesis is that uncertainty about one's interest in you keeps you guessing about if they like you a lot or not.When the positive event is certain, we experience strong positive feelings, but then we adapt to it. Its really shameful that all the women I have ever met don't want me unless I treat them like I could care less about them. Yea women are sick like that then they wonder why they get humped and dumped.However, when the event is uncertain we spend more time thinking about if the event will occur, trying to interpret it and understand it. Its because we are on to your silly sickening little head games So this confirms all the tips we were taugh, specifically - be mysterious.We must keep in mind that this study looked only at female participants, that the participants did not meet the men in person, and that this was at the start of a relationship. When their budget increases they don't want that level of bag anymore and their desire is for the next one that is out of their price range.Thus, we are uncertain if women keeping men guessing about their interest increases attraction or if keeping one's partner guessing as the relationship develops would be advised. If you make yourself a challenge they see you as a prize.The result is that we are unable to adapt to the event because the outcome is undetermined. It's a bit tiring that one has to play games, but I've heard girls I've slept with later that they couldn't stop thinking about me when I was a bit vague with them, didn't text them right away, and made comments that they couldn't be sure were sexual innuendos or not.This could be another reason why uncertainty makes us more interested in something or someone. Unfortunately, we have to play the game to stop playing it at a certain point if we want to have any lasting or significant "interactions" with the opposite sex. You might not like it but that doesn't make it go away. People, especially women, value things that are out of reach. They always pine after the handbag that's just out of their budget.

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Salience is a fancy word for how frequently you think about something.However, participants were attracted to men when they were unsure if the men liked them best than men who they knew liked them the most. Prior research has found that men were most attracted to women who expressed interest in them but not other guys.So does that mean that playing hard to get is always the way to go? The men were less attracted to women who were viewed as "hard to get," meaning they just didn't want to date anyone.Or are they unaware of the above-described phenomenon, and conclude that their sexual exploits accurately reflect their options for a spouse, only to be disappointed later in life?, women were more attracted when they were uncertain if a guy liked them a lot than when they were sure a guy really liked them.

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