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Just when he believes he has finally got his life back together, with a new job coupled with the interest of a beautiful woman - a targeted mugging leaves him looking like a thief. This journey to the underworld befogs them, bringing out inner struggles they had not expected, their prin...Actors : Amin Hayaei ( امین حیایی ), Ziba Boroofeh, Mani Kasraian, Keihan Maleki, Niloofar Khosh kholgh, Hossein Changi, Babak Habibifar, Aref Lorestani ( عارف لرستانی ), Dariush Osghaei, Shahin Babapoor, Mahlagha Naghed, Hossein Soltani, Narges Safdarian, Shahrian Asadi, Reza Ghaffari, Abdollah Beh Afrooz, Esmaeil Aghajani, Ehsan Eskandari, Naser Abbasi, Karim Janbakhsh, Pourandokht Mahiman Parisa Bakhtavar's light-hearted drama is a film full of colorful characters, and largely consists of pacy, dynamic vignettes.Actors : Amin Hayaei ( امین حیایی ), Layya Zanganeh ( لعیا زنگنه‎ ), Merila Zarei ( مریلا زارعی ), Salimeh Rangzan, Kazem Hajir Azad ( کاظم هژیرآزاد ), Tayyeb Sherafati, Shokat Daneshvar, Lorik Minassian, Davood Rashidi ( داوود رشیدی ), Zohreh Hamidi In this farcical comedy, the scheming Behrouz hatches a plan to marry the wealthy Sima in order to become rich.Little does he know, however, that Sima's father has gotten wind of his dastardly motives, and enlists the help of a friend.He leaves behind his mother and fiancee, promising to return after saving enough money for the wedding.Utterly engrossed in his new life in the capital city, he encounters someone captiva...Hamid's brother has been missing in action, presumed dead, for twenty-two years.Coming to terms with the loss, Hamid has now moved on and, as custom dictates, married his brother's widow.

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Roshi is being haunted, and as the strange blackouts and inexplicable moving objects continue, her constant fear takes a heavy toll on her relationship with her husband. Amir wants nothing more than to escape: generally from his father, by leaving the country, and more immediately from a car full of angry men that is chasing him.

Actors : Golab Adineh ( گلاب آدینه ), Parsa Pirouzfar ( پارسا پیروزفر‎ ), Amin Hayaei ( امین حیایی ), Nasrin Moghanloo, Zhaleh Olov ( ژاله علو‎ ), Melika Sharifinia, Afarin Obeisi ( آفرین عبیسی - صغري عبيسی ), Farideh Sepah Mansour, Soghra Obeisi, Roya Alami, Amir Hosseini, Hassan Pourshirazi ( حسن پورشیرازی )A woman, named Pari, has a dowry that is equal to the combined weight of her and her husband, Mehdi.

This peculiar scenario triggers a constant wave of strange, funny and twisted events, such as the hilariously unappealing sight of Mehdi gobbling everything in sight in order to increase the wedding ...

The Iranian award-winning actor Amin Hayaei ( امین حیایی ) was born on 9 June 1970 in Tehran.

Hayaei was introduced to acting during his time in the Iranian Air Force.

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