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Donkey Kong was an early example of the iconic platforming genre and one of the most popular arcade games of all time, helping Nintendo break into the American video game market it would dominate in the 80s.Dreamcast The Shenmue series transformed adventure games into an open-world 3D experience with a cinematic, story-driven game.Every misstep, while frustrating, is accompanied by a savory, visceral splat. The game differentiates itself from traditional MMOs in two ways.Every player—all half-a-million of them—exists in a single persistent universe (as opposed to being divided into regional-specific servers).Because of this laissez-faire approach, EVE Online might be one of the most realistic game worlds ever made.Play Station 2Music/rhythm games existed for years before Guitar Hero came along.Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows If there's one game that's made me want to throw my controller across the room and smash it into a million pieces, it would be Super Meat Boy.

Every connected shot results in an instant-kill, making every moment tense, exciting, and fun for players and spectators alike. That's the premise of Gone Home, the spectacular debut game from the Fullbright Company.Think of DDR, Beatmania, and even Parappa the Rapper.But it was Guitar Hero's rock soundtrack that reinvigorated the genre and prompted people across the nation to stand up and strum plastic guitar peripherals.Microsoft Windows Hotline Miami is violent—really violent—but in a way that makes it ooze atmosphere: pulsing neon, pumping electronica, and blood splattered on the walls, and the floor, and you.You play as a thug fighting his way through room after room of men with guns and knives and every other murder-tool you can think of.

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