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Even though Fiona wants everything under control, she enjoys a little bit of chaos once in a while.

They spend Bianca's last days together and although Bianca's thrill seeking is too much for Frank, they end up in Costa Rica.Frank is the biological father of Sammi, Fiona, Lip, Debbie, Carl, and Liam, but not of Ian, who is the children's half-brother and cousin. Although Frank pontificates self-righteously about political and social issues, he spends most of his time developing schemes to cheat the system and take advantage of others in order to make money.He pays little attention to his children but can display care and concern for them in drastic circumstances.With money acquired by Sammi from the sale of Sheila's furniture, along with Sheila's savings, the cost of the surgery is covered.The surgeon makes off with the money and one of Frank's kidneys, leaving Frank with his original failing liver.

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