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is a free furry personals website dedicated to helping furs find other furries as friends or as mates.

As of May 2016, lists over 71,000 users, and more than 13,000 personal advertisements.

No matter where he went, the other animal was staring and the reindeer lost his patience and charged at the animal in question.

You know it’s bad when you take out your aggression on a statue, but we’re not going to tell that reindeer it wasn’t real, you can do that for us. It looks as if this lion has finally found its mate for breeding.

Another of Soundwave's tapes, he's the dumbest and most violent of the group.

True to his name, he indulges in excessive violence befitting his saurian robot mode...

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A quintet of Decepticons who transform into monstrous, nightmarish creatures. A twisted, vampire-like Decepticon Pretender whose bat-monster shell, while highly inefficient in its energy consumption, can corrode metal with its touch and leech the energy from other Cybertronians to strengthen Bomb-Burst.

And their mental states are just as monstrous and nightmarish as well. A team of six Decepticons who transform into sea creatures.

They are Snaptrap (leader, a turtle), Nautilator (a lobster), Overbite (a shark), Seawing (a manta ray), Skalor (a coelacanth) and Tentakill (a squid).

She's still a force to be reckoned with, though, as her power is comparable to Megatron's own and she can use her rail fusion cannon and Judge Pickel weapons to wreak destruction across the land.

She has the "special ability" to seduce any male Transformer to do her bidding.

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