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In big cities you cross paths with hundreds of people, but at the same time it’s in big cities where we have the most trouble meeting people," communications manager Marie Cosnard, told The Local on Friday.

“It’s completely different from other apps which just use algorithms to link people based on the compatibility of their profiles.

In response, the firm is transformed into a limited corporation, with controlling interest acquired by the Maus Frères, a Swiss holding company.

Led by Jean-Jacques Delort the firm embarked on a turnaround strategy, creating specialty stores and brands (such as Armand Thierry clothing) and branching out into retail areas such as food and mail.

Printemps was noted for its branding innovations as well, handing out bouquets of violets on the first day of each Spring and championing the new Art Nouveau style, with its nature inspired motifs.

Happn does have a rival in the form of Spotted, a German app that was launched back in 2013 but is failing to prove as much a success.

For us it’s all base on everyday encounters,” Marie said.

“We knew we could do something with the smartphone technology and use geo-localisation in real time.” For that chance encounter to turn into a date, both would-be potential lovers have to be signed up to Happn.

The store was designed by noted architects Jules and Paul Sédille and opened at the corner of Le Havre and Boulevard Haussmann, in Paris, France on 3 November 1865.

The building was greatly expanded in 1874, and elevators (then a great novelty) from the 1867 Universal Exposition were installed.

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