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Note to Sigma and Tamron - I think I see a gaping and unserviced hole in the middle of the market for you to jump into (and perhaps some photographers should consider waiting a bit to see if Sigma or Tamron makes the move into this market space? Anyone wishing to buy one and loan it to me for a few months is encouraged to contact me at their earliest convenience! Brad Feedback to: [email protected] directly to this blog post: I just posted a new photo tour (of the variety) on my Photo Tours page.

And..of right now...there's currently even room on the trip for new participants!

The new zoom features all of the "latest" features seen on other recent Nikkor lens revamps, including a fluorite front lens element, a dust-and-gunk shedding fluorine coating, an electronic diaphragm, 4-stop VR (with Normal and Sport Modes), AF activation buttons on the lens, and more.

And, in 2018 we'll be staying right on the shores of Kluane Lake for the Kluane portion of the trip.While many seem to be viewing 2017 as a bit of a train wreck, the introduction of the D850 in 2017 gave Nikon shooters a real good reason to celebrate. ;-) Following my late November/early December (which was thoroughly enjoyed by all, including yours truly), I went into a self-imposed "quiet mode". SO...a problem with a simple solution - just "add" more top-notch trip inventory, right? But I do have very good news - when I "reveal" my 2019 Photo Tour schedule in late January (or very early February) we will be offering a total of FOUR totally new (and exciting, of course) photo tours!And, British Columbians (and all past and future visitors to the Great Bear Rainforest) were given a HUGE reason to celebrate when the government of BC banned the hunting of grizzly bears province-wide (YIPPEE! All these tours will feature great wildlife photography opportunities on BC's spectacular Pacific Coast (YES, more Great Bear Rainforest trips! At this time I'm still finalizing some key details and logistics (otherwise I would just list the tours now)..keep your eye on this page for the announcement of the 2019 schedule as soon as it's ready. An Evolution of MY Digital Workflow Digital photography has a characteristic feature that is both exciting and frustrating at the same time - it's STILL rapidly evolving.So Lightroom for image culling and image and image catalog management, a combination of Capture One Pro and Photoshop for raw conversion and selective image-editing, blah, blah, blah!I won't go into all the reasons right now, but over the last few years I have become increasingly dissatisfied with Lightroom for image management (and I've ALWAYS preferred the raw conversion capabilities of Capture One Pro over those of Lightroom).

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