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“Prikkang may be a beauty, but she is not like the other girls.

Since, she was already aware about Sibtit’s reputation, she initially does not want to have anything to do with him.” Apart from that, Push and Esther shared that their most memorable moments were their time shooting on location.

Perfect Match is an amusing novel about a relationship between a first-year university student named Junior and senior student named Pi Suea.

He meets his match in a down-to-earth girl named Prikkang, who is played by Esther, 23.

Push, 30, plays the dashing yet arrogant cowboy Sibtit who is a university student majoring in agriculture.

I work as a radio DJ from 8 am to 10 am five days a week. I was initially criticised for my stiff acting, and that pushed me to work harder.

When I was a leading actor in Lae Nang Fah [Angel’s Trick], I had to be on the set every day.

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    In fact, knowing how men think, especially, I imagine this has happened hundreds of thousands of times. When I met her I’d have said she was a 5, and I wouldn’t have considered asking her out in a million years. After knowing her for a few years I found myself hating that we were in the friend zone. Three minutes later all I wanted was for her to get out and never cross my path again.

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    "Day one of the first show we're taping," Hardwick began, everyone is "rushing around" and nervous.

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