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But why wasn’t Ramiele Malubay courting the bottom rung?She hasn’t done anything to impress me in weeks and last night was no different.Would that make Chris (Tad Hildenbrink) and Nicole (Reeser) Emerson Michael’s children? Needless to say, as orphans they are sent to live with their Aunt Jillian (Gabrielle Rose) in Luna Bay, another small seaside town.I’m not sure who Jillian is – Sam’s wife or a maternal relative.Although the movie continues to be listed as direct-to-DVD, Feldman said in an interview with MTV that it hasn’t yet been decided whether it will be a theatrical or a DVD release.If the movie does go to the theaters, although I think Feldman is just being optimistic, I’ll be shelling out my nine bucks.The trailer looks like a second-generation of the first movie, complete with the Frog brothers to the rescue. Feldman and Newlander reprise their roles as the Frog brothers, who have embraced their life as vampire slayers, becoming the leading authorities in their field (I’m not sure Buffy would agree).Sure the movie doesn’t look it’s going to score high in the originality category with blood being substituted for wine again and more vamps on motorcycles, but it still looks like a fun movie. In addition, word is that Haim will return as Sam, although he is not seen in the trailer.

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I’m not naïve enough to believe that Idol is strictly a talent competition, but occasionally I’m lulled into a comfort zone where I forget.We’ve done it every year, but this year – it was extremely cold and rain last weekend when the festival took place. You go to this park in the county and everyone is out there with their kites.It seemed like the festival came early this year, probably because Easter is early this year. You can see all the kites in the sky as you approach the park.Tonight’s bottom three results rocked me out of that false sense of the right choices being made. I will grant you that his performance last night was not his best, but personally I was digging his Luther Vandross vibe.And he can’t always do the bluegrass mix thing to every song.

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