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The player searching for him and uncovering why James left is what drives the first part of the plot.

Because in Vault 101: no one ever enters, and no one... He was a good father for most of his life, but when his child turned 19, he left the vault, throwing the residence into chaos.

A friend and colleague of the player's father, he helps James with his secret research on Project Purity.

When James leaves the Vault, Jonas is interrogated and killed by an overzealous security guard.

Mostly by helping move lab equipment and assisting with maintenance.

When he is not helping out in the lab, he can usually be found on the flight deck.

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A father/daughter team who run a diner called Gary's Galley.

An odd man living in the broken bow of Rivet City who plays a major role in the missing android sidequest.

As it turns out he is the one who gave the android his reconstruction surgery, and will even modify the Lone Wanderer's looks after the quest is done.

He is also the civilian representative on the city counsel, but instead of looking out for the interest of all the people in market, he just looks out for his own.

Much to the charging of at least one other merchant. Flak is a former slaver, and Shrapnel is a former raider.

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