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Having said that, this maybe this is an oversight, but it is regrettable that Joe does not say that our salvation comes by faith in Christ alone in some of his videos, in this video (link, go to Sec for reference, Joe just says “Salvation is faith in Christ”.

The statement “Salvation is faith in Christ” would resonate with the Roman Catholic faith system, I would, at least, think that Joe would need to correct himself and stress that Salvation is Faith in Christ Alone.

A good example of this is that Joe does not instruct people to be cautious about pro-life issues, yes, as a Bible believing Christian I have a moral responsibility to object to abortion, but without compromise, especially when it comes to the Roman Catholic Church.

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I need to note that Good fight ministries in the past have given some critique of the Church of Rome and false teachers, as well as his expose of Hollywood’s satanic agenda in this there is no problem, I would even say that Joe’s heart to reach the lost for Christ is extremely commendable, as this should be the attitude of all believers and I would encourage Joe to drive the conviction at this time for the gospel to be preached more than ever, is it necessary to have endorsed on a website whose people are so compromised?I would like to move the attention away from this debate and look at why the people who they are working with have ecumenical influences in the camp of Good fight ministries and Moriel; this is not a question of guilt by association but guilt by participation and involvement.The intent of the article is not to bring into question the character of Joe Schimmel or Jacob Prasch, as they both had spoken against Roman Catholicism, but this is to explore and ask the question as to why is there inconstancy in the way they operate?I feel I’ve led my friends into the very seductive world of tolerance for Catholicism, Ecumenism, Love Evangelism via the temptation to be grateful for the support the Catholics bring us and the friends they’ve become over the last three years.The Lord has opened my eyes to my un-Biblical tolerance of those who worship or believe in ‘the queen of heaven’, ‘Mary the co-redemptor’, ‘shape shifting demonic Marianne apparitions’, ‘veneration of dead saints and relics’, ‘indulgences’, ‘purgatory’, ‘transubstantiation’, ‘Mary mother of god’, ‘celibacy of priests’ which Paul declared a doctrine of demons, ‘rosary’ pagan origin adopted by Peter the Hermit, adoration of the wafer saying it is god, The Bible being one of their forbidden books, ‘immaculate conception’, ‘the ascendance of Mary to heaven’ and all the sex scandals inside this supposedly holy church.

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