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This news has broken the hearts of thousands of girls in the country and everyone is curious to know about the life partner of the popular VJ. Her first look was revealed when Rannvijay posted his marriage pictures online.The lady has an attractive appearance and the couple looks amazing together.However, Priyanka Vohra brothers were quite seen during her wedding.As a matter of fact, Rannvijay Singh wife wiki does not exist as of now, given the fact that she is not too famous in the industry.However, Wiki Priyanka Vohra education and her adolescent years were completed in London, UK.Although wiki Priyanka Vohra family background is less heard of, Priyanka Vohra husband Rannvijay Singh family is well seen on the TV.Although Rannvijay Singh wife Priyanka Vohra biography has nothing much to talk about her professional career, but there’s a lot more about her that we must discuss.

The marriage news was only known to limited people and was held with all privacy.There are many pictures of the VJ’s wife online on various internet websites which shows that she has the features and the elegance comparable to that of celebrities.She has a toned physique which adds to her attractiveness.The couple got married in the mid 2014 and Rannvijay Singh Priyanka Vohra wedding date is 10th April, 2014.While many fan girls got their hearts broken, the couple posted Rannvijay Singh Priyanka Vohra wedding photos on Facebook and Twitter a few days later.

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