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The study looks into the viability of reform politics in Cebu’s traditional political field.

In the same year she published at the Danyag UPV Journal of Humanities her research paper on being her Thesis in M. History, at the University of San Carlos, Cebu City.Throughout 2018, we ask JEPP authors and members from JEPP’s editorial board to share with us their stories as to how the research published in JEPP over the past 25 years influenced their own thinking and research about Europe, the EU, and public policy. “Mair and Thomassen’s 2010 article presents an insightful and refreshingly provocative assessment of representation in the European Union.Going against the grain of much EU scholarship, Mair and Thomassen on the one hand warn against the move towards parliamentary government at the EU level. These have generally been the object of critical juncture analysis in CHA in both political science and sociology. The crisis’s impact on migration movements and policies in Europe and the U. In this chapter, I focus on the use of the concept of critical junctures in the context of the development of , broadly defined as organizations, formal rules, public policies, political regimes, and political economies.

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