Reggie bush dating 2016

It is what the French call 'le coup de foudre', a bolt of lightning - which some describe as love at first sight. On other occasions, he'd take her 'up West' to places like the Astor Club, a swish nightclub off Berkeley Square in Mayfair.'She looks like Brigitte Bardot', said his friend Danny. His girl looked like a French movie star - yet she was from the mean streets of the East End, just like him. Correspondence from that time reveals the truth of Reggie's obsession with Frances.

During their 'honeymoon' period in 1960, Reggie took to meeting Frances outside her office in the Strand after she'd finished work. But Frances's own responses were mature and clear thinking, given her age.

Her writings revealed a very different girl to the compliant 'arm candy' previously portrayed. But despite plans to marry, Frances continually stalled on their wedding plans.

Along with the trouble she sensed whenever Reggie was with his brother Ronnie, Frances was starting to see for herself where her place was within the twins' world: a pampered doll, controlled by an intense, possessive man who wanted her to be influenced by only himself.

In all probability, Frances was too diminished by everything she'd experienced to push him away or make big demands. The following day, she saw Reg and they booked the tickets at a local travel agent.

They farewelled each other and her brother's flat and Reg went home.

Reggie by now had been sent again to prison, this time Brixton.

My cousin said she looked just like Brigitte Bardot. According to Pete, Frances mentioned to him that she had problems - but he had no idea whatsoever that she was being stalked at all times by Reggie Kray's henchmen.

Following the Mc Vitie murder, both men were given life sentences, with a recommendation that they should serve at least 30 years.

Charlie was sent down for ten years, for being an accessory to the murder.

Yet while growing up in the fifties in London's east End, neither she nor Frances Shea's family could ever have imagined that her entire life would be tragically destroyed because she caught Reggie Kray's eye when she was just a teenager.

Reggie Kray died, in a blaze of ghoulish publicity, his second wife Roberta at his side, in the year 2000.

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