Renault clio speed dating

This was a special edition run-out model, painted in blue with matching blue alloy wheels.Check that the car’s unique seat trim is in good shape, as you’ll have a difficult time trying to replace any of it!Although turbocharging was still largely in its infancy during the 1980s, Renault was no stranger to offering its hatchbacks with a blower.When it launched the original Gordini in 1976 (pre-dating the Golf GTI by a year) the company joined the hot hatch ranks in style, but it wasn't until 1981 – following the mid-engined Group 4 rally 5 Turbo in 1980 – that the Garrett T3 finally found its way into the engine bay.It’s all too easy to forget what all the fuss was about when it was new.While the Peugoet 205 GTi, Golf GTi and Escort XR3i were normally aspirated, it was left to the Renault 5 GT Turbo, and a handful of others like the Escort RS Turbo and Fiat Uno Turbo to carry the turbocharging flag, in what was a fiercely fought segment by the time it arrived in 1985.Your chances of finding an early grey-bumpered Phase 1 car are significantly slimmer than the more common Phase 2 anyway.One other version to consider is the 5 GT Turbo Raider.

Many of the GT Turbos out there have been crashed at some point and a lot of them have been badly repaired.

While critics moaned about the noticeable turbo lag, some found that it added to the entertainment.

Most importantly it was a seriously quick machine – especially when the wick was turned up.

It helped that the GT Turbo was so light; its featherweight bodyshell helped it to tip the scales at just 830kg, aiding agility and ensuring that every drive was a blast.

Even now the GT Turbo is a quick car and you’ll still have plenty of fun in one – if you can find a really good example.

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