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It should be no surprise that we professing Christians are often the most hopelessly romantic. However, a case could be made that we have exalted marriage and family over the Church (by Church I mean the localized body of Christ, not the business of modern church operations). We have created a generation of “marriage seekers” who are constantly assured that there is no greater pursuit that that of finding a mate and no greater accomplishment than marriage.

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Prayer meetings and justice efforts are sparsely attended, but a meeting about relationships is a packed house. In this current post-romanticism, western, American cultural context in order to be married one must first engage in some version of what we lazily lump into the term “dating.” We live in a culture obsessed with it and the dominant Christian sub-culture has certainly embraced “dating” as their own.

Yet, as far as I can tell, no one has any idea what they are doing.

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