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If I edit Third Row after I Click button (Column[6] ). S In the Row Data Bound event of the Grid View, add an "onclick" attribute to the Button to a function that acc... How can I get the value of a cell in the first row of a gridview I have a gridview that will only have one row. So the big question here, is how to capture the row selected from clicking or double clicking. Clickable Grid View Row Click Gridview Row.asp Details.aspx? How to access the row cells value of gridview on Select button click in Gridview Hi Friends I am trying to getting the Row cells value on the Select command click. just add the code below between then in you code add Grid View1_Selected Index Changing events .

when i try this i just get a null value string Test Case = gdv Test Case List. How to get the Gridview Selected row cell value in Javascript? In the Grid View Template I using Button in Column[6]. Once I get those values, I want to populate other edit controls on my web form with the values selected from the row.

I can get this to work if i set the row as a data key, but when i set a row as a datakey i am unable to update it from my update command. Text; does anyone have any idea why the above code doesn't work or why i can't update a datakey column? i converted the column to a template field so i could replace the label with a multiline text box, not sure if that ha... How to get row selected in Gridview and then to get the data from the cells in that Grid? If someone selects a row in the grid(Clicking or double clicking) then I want to get the values in each column/cell in that row.

I seem to be stumped trying to get the text value of one of my columns in my gridview. Here is what I'm trying to do, but the syntax is wrong: Protected Sub gv Custom Fields_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. The problem is when i try to get the index : Dim index As Integer = Convert. Command Argument)It tells me that the input string is not in a correct format. heres the code: Protected Sub enregistrements Grid_Row Command(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Command Event Args) Handles enregistrements Grid. Command Name Case "Voir Details" Dim index As Integer...

Here in Grid View, in the beginning the major part is to make the decision of putting either a bound field or a template field and the answer is simple: When we want to place any control inside the Grid View then we can go for template field, otherwise bound field will be simpler.

I hope the above information was a little bit helpful for you, kindly let me know your valuable feedback or thoughts.

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This code is a bit complex but just add it knowing that we may refer to it in the future. Textcould not avoid the cell numbering :/ somehow select Row. I just tested that Protected Sub Wr_Updated(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. whatever I strange, the same thing worked perfectly on a different site: the sql part works... hi this way Protected Sub Row Command(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Command Event Args) Handles Grid View1. Save all or press "Ctrl S" and hit "F5" to run the page, the page will look as in the following image: Click on "Edit the Grid View", it will display Textboxes in each cell as in the following image: Edit the value(s) here and click on the Update link, it will update all the data or to remove it click on the "Delete" link above the image shown.One note will be helpful for you, while describing Columns in Grid View if you are using a boundfield then create objects of the control using cells[index] in the rowupdateing event of Grid View, but if you are using controls itself like Label or textboxes etc then use Fincontrol("stringid").

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