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“It will shift the perception of Pearson Hardman in the legal community and possibly make them a little bit more vulnerable than they thought.

Sometimes, you get weaker before you get stronger.” Question: Will Jimmy Darmody appear on during Season 3? —Olga Ausiello: Early into Season 3, Nucky’s late protégé turns up in a flashback, but it’s old footage not new. 21 season premiere overfloweth with testosterone as Nathan and Duke have at each other in a donneybrook tinged with more than a little supernatural weirdness.

She’s very good at what she does, and after her experience in the woods, takes saving lives very, very seriously.” Mer won’t be in denial forever though.

“And then we jump ahead four months to present day.” Question: We haven’t really had many tidbits about Chuck and Blair. — Danielle Ausiello: That trailer pointing to a reconciliation for the star-crossed Upper East Siders “is not misleading,” confirms exec producer Stephanie Savage, who teases that “things get pretty steamy” between them in their hotel room in Monte Carlo. They can’t rush into anything or do anything half-baked.” That’s a wrap!

He will be struggling with his conscience in a way.” Question: How long will Ben be in D. —Pete Ausiello: Although Ben’s out-of-town gig was supposed to last six months, I have to imagine that he and Leslie will be hand in hand (and all hands on deck! Mom’s a Stockard Channing type, classy and educated —with a bit of bite underneath. Two questions you should be asking yourself: Who escorts her to Bloodsucker U? In other time and I really consider her a friend,” notes Walsh’s boss, Shonda Rhimes. We did a count, and she has had the most boyfriends on the show — and that includes Regina, who, as we know, has had for good?

For Dad, think Barry Bostwick — a grownup preppy with a Hawaiian girlfriend half his age. Any chance you (or your special A-team) have any scoop? 23 with a standalone Halloween episode that picks up a few weeks after last week’s summer finale left off. “I feel like she knows what she wants to do and is very clear about it — and not in a way that feels bitter. Everyone has their moment when they think to themselves, ‘Okay, I’ve done this; I’m ready for a new challenge.’ I don’t think that she will change her mind.” Question: Any scoop on ? —Jeremy Ausiello: “I would like to see him back,” says exec producer Aaron Korsh.

—Tamara Ausiello: Judging from the casting call that the show’s put out for trick-or-treaters for an upcoming episode titled “Open House of Horrors,” I’d say the Dunphy-Pritchett clan is going to try to get past the “frightful” events that transpired two years ago, when they last tried to celebrate Halloween. “He really is in an existential crisis, where he is wondering what the purpose of his mission as a CSI really is and whether it’s worth all the pain, suffering and hours [considering] the bad guys sometimes do get away despite your best efforts.

We will be carrying that thematically throughout the season. Not thrilled with the idea of him and Leslie being apart! —Kristy Ausiello: During November sweeps, Elena is going to get a crash course in Vampirism 101 — specifically, how does one feed on humans without killing them?

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