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His plane crashes somewhere in the jungle and he and (in my memory) one or two other guys (or one woman? I can only remember that one of them is injured (his leg) and the others carry him on a self built stretcher. Iv been search for this movie for over 10 years, but never found it, So please help me find this :( There's this movie where this man (Man 1) who killed another man (Man 2) then gets kidnapped and they tie this foam or pillow padding around his head and hit him in the head everyday to cause amnesia (I think that's what happened) to cause trauma without breaking his skull.Later he is left behind while the other(s) try to find help. And he ends escaping somehow and wandering around homeless and falling for the wife of the guy he killed but doesn't remember he's the killer of husband.Once the babysitter arrives they head for the dinner.The scene cuts to the neighbors' house across the street where the lady is spying and her husband is trying to ignore her.

The setting is some Asian country (Korea, Birma, Thailand? An US-officer leaves his love for some kind of expedition. The camera pans out to show how large the yard is and how difficult it will be for him to actually find the treasure. I remember one scen in the end of movie, where a "cougar cat" attacks a Biker guy to. When the movie is ending everyone is almost dead, You se a "Snake" crawling on guys dead body.When he tells a older female neighbor, she laughs uproariously at the idea of the older man having, of all things, a white truck. In the movie I recall men with 4 arms that act as bullies/guards. Jean Lui So I've posted this before but still haven't found this movie and it's absolutely killing me!! Ok, so all I remember is somewhere in the beginning there are a group of young boys and a group of young girls, I think they are orphans.In another scene, a family is walking in what looks like a huge warehouse and suddenly from above, 4 walls followed by the roof, falls around them, trapping them all. Anyway, one of the girls climbs on the stair railings and she and one of the boys kiss, then they hear a noise like someone is coming so she tries to climb back down but she slips and falls, I think she dies.The girl comes into the room right after she gets in place and summons Guss the Ghost from a duffel bag and sends him on a mission, which turns out to be to frighten Richard's wife while at the restaurant. Richard's wife works with his supposed friend, Gary (I may be wrong on his name but I think that was his name.) to frame Richard for corporate theft right when he was supposed to be on the verge of a major business deal promotion.Richard's wife regrets her part in what happened, and slaps Gary when he makes a move on her.

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