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Yep 19 threads and I have been watching, reading and contributing since thread 5. I frankly enjoy this thread and I am sure most other people who come here read and enjoy too. After my long rant about JA s work in the last thread, we saw a reaction again!

Except the trolls who come here and gossip from tumblr and others who rant on in their homophobic way. Coming home from a little bit sunday culture trip, then pizza and red wine. Makes me guessing, they really are scanning this thread?

Photo ops at industry events and carefully curated photos in beautiful locations around the world, some of them even supposedly spontaneous but someone it's always a STARZ exec who happens to be there or they appear in some blogger's inbox; and then carefully placed items in gossip columns follow with the "news" that they are an item.

He may seemingly bask in all the PR and fans lauding over him while scouting for acting roles and thats ok too. He has been mentioned a few times saying his previous long distance relationships were a big let down? Until she was hired, that activity was never in the SM posts she shared.

We have discussed this before, I know, but its glaringly obvious that a continent away and the far western side of that continent at that, is wayyyy over the top for a "proper" relationship. We see her IG with all the fun stuff she does and we know he likes doing, what odds he lands this woman after filming for a year plus, travelling around the world before starting filming again, does he find the "right" woman who just happens to be the right age, blonde, ( he likes blondes) fit, mountain climber, active athlete, etc? All the shots of her in a mountain setting clearly look photoshopped.

does anyone really care about him anyway imo ,the true fans of the show could care less about his sexuality . truly if there are either in the past , would not one come forward?

They like the character he portrays and for the women , the character is the man of their dreams... R48, someone almost did come forward, according to a post from Part 15 of this thread pointing to some fan's tumblr...[quote]"Bear with me please.

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