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Simply complete the Application for Benefits Form (PDF, 107K) and attach the requested documentation.

What happens to my Additional Security Benefits Plan account when I retire or leave the industry?

However, if the child is a full-time student, coverage may be extended up until the child reaches age 26 if proof of full-time college enrollment is provided every semester.

Proof of enrollment generally means an original letter from the college registrar’s office.

You may elect to receive monthly payments at any time between your retirement or withdrawal from the industry and the April 1st following the date you reach age 70½.Upon your retirement or withdrawal from the industry, you may apply for weekly Supplemental Unemployment Benefits until your account balance is exhausted.When did employer contributions stop coming into the Additional Security Benefits Plan?If you are adding a child, you must provide the child’s birth certificate indicating the participant’s name.My child is now over age 19 but is a full-time college student. Once a dependent child reaches the age of 19, coverage is terminated under the Dental Benefit Plan of the Electrical Industry and the Dental Benefit Plan of the Elevator Industry, as applicable.

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