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The shooter was an atheist as described by his friends and classmates, and others are trying to link him to the Antifa movement without much evidence.

Please try to post quality, interesting, "RW-ish" news stories rather than loads of everyday news stories, which clutter up the list and make the really interesting stuff harder to find.

Short version: a woman went to the Post claiming that Moore impregnated her as a teenager, and she was suspiciously interested in seeing to it that Moore lost his campaign for Senate.

(Non-paywalled version, though still bitchy about adblock.)Remember how back in July, the South Carolina Supreme Court tried to extend domestic violence protections to same-sex unmarried couples, but then stayed their own order when they realized they accidentally took them away from all unmarried couples?

If the majority of MPs sign it, Pi S' influence over media will increase.

It is not a coincidence that those two things are happening at the same time - the majority of media focus only on the new Prime Minister. The Alt-Right parallel web is not really good and technically buggy...

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