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The rape and sexual slavery of women whom IS considers to be infidels and apostates is a different subject.

Another form of is the marriage of rich women, who choose to waive some of the rights they would enjoy in a traditional marriage in order to stay with their parents.

Not just because of the absence of legal marriage conditions (no dowry, no intention to live together, no rights in the event of separation), but also because of the repercussions if the marriage results in a child, which as a product of a non-legal alliance has no legal rights.

The problem is that the Algerian legal system lacks any form of criminalization of these marriages.

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is popular in Saudi society under Wahhabism, a fundamentalist branch of Sunni Islam that emerged about 250 years ago from the teachings of Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab.

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20 years is enough), which perceive the laws as oppressive and discriminatory, fought for more than two decades for reform.It was inspired entirely by Sharia law, which the judges believed was underrepresented within the Algerian legal system.This new code caught civil society by surprise and sparked a wave of protests.Underage marriage is a pure violation of state law.The migration of colonised Arab-Berbers from Algeria to mainland France was the earliest and the most extensive of all colonial migrations to Western Europe before the 1960s.

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