Sex chat line operators

Unfortunately, some people's idea of kink is just plain horrifying.

That's why most phone sex operators decide upfront what subjects are off limits, and stick to them.

Other noteworthy fetishes include forced cross-dressing, tickling and paddling, vampirism, and *shudder* necrophilia.

There's Treachery Afoot Some clients will try crazy things to keep from paying for their calls. The first time I got a call from an enraged wife, I thought it was my friend playing a joke.

People take their fetishes seriously, which means phone sex ops need to sound like they do the same.

A Thesaurus is Mandatory Even the most articulate of phone actresses will eventually run out of alternate terms for breasts.

No LOL Plz There's a wide world of masochists, diaper fetishists and "furries" out there.finish, regardless of whether their paid time is up.It seems that some men actually consider post-orgasm conversation to be the phone sex version of getting too clingy.Busy Holidays Serious phone sex operators don't make any plans for Valentine's Day or Christmas. Making an informed choice to do what you want, and then following through? Miss Manners Be Damned I'd be willing to bet that no woman has ever succeeded in performing fellatio while having an articulate conversation. Phone sex is the one situation that requires that you talk with your mouth full - or at least pretend to.They'll be working, and those are always the busiest day of the year. Sad, Sad Hangups About a quarter of all clients will hang up immediately after they um …

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