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We are very nicely paid with great benefits and generous vacation time.

We also love what we do and love our team (even the “quacks” lol).

For example, a few people reported that it looked like their cars had been broken into, but nothing had been stolen.

The reason they noticed something was because their seats had been pushed all the way forward (perhaps some duck members scoring more points? He also mentioned that another coworker of ours reported that on one of the three slots in the tampon dispenser in the ladies room had never worked and had been labeled “out of order” (and had been so ever since I can remember). I have no idea who loads those things, if it’s the maintenance workers or if we have someone in the office that’s responsible for it or if it’s serviced by a third party company. Perhaps this is where the duck club comes to get their protection – or maybe I’m just reading too much into that one.

Suffice it to say, if a woman isn't consenting to sex at all, but is sexually assaulted, bleeding is very common for this reason. If a partner is too rough or forceful with their penis, fingers or a sex toy, whether a woman is aroused or not, that can cause injury and bleeding.

I told him what I encountered and what my suspicions were for the duck club.Why some women do -- and for how long they do -- and some don't also varies.As to how many women do and don't bleed after first intercourse, very little scientific study has been done on that.I do have proof that I reported it because my manager would back me if anything ever came of this news. I might be even more apoplectic over your boss’s boss’s reaction than I am over the existence of this club itself. ) this club to begin with, it might not be surprising that the dude at the top is unconcerned, but I do want you to know for norming purposes that this is Not At All Normal. Not all women bleed with first-time intercourse or other kinds of vaginal entry: in fact, most don't.

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