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They’d rather spend that time out with their friends, and then later hunt for tail on their i Phones wearing sweats with I'm certainly not against online dating (disclosure: I met my boyfriend on Match). ), I certainly endured my fair share of trial-and-error with prior male suitors from the site. You find someone's profile and photo decidedly un-revolting. It's just, you've already put in so much effort, so you try to convince yourself that maybe it was first-date jitters; maybe you'll want to kiss him next time; maybe on Wednesdays he opts for pants that cover his man ankles.

In comparison, my YOLO date with Paul-5-train was just as abysmal, but I wasn't all that disheartened waving buh-bye at the end.

But in terms of overall satisfaction, our survey found that free dating sites actually score a touch better than paid ones, probably because they're a better value.

One December evening a few years ago, I rode a crowded 5 train home after a long day at the office, sardined between a blue-haired girl playing music without headphones and a middle-aged man with halitosis.

That's because there were zero expectations leading up to it -- it's one of the biggest differences between online dating and, well, "old-school" dating in which your first-ever interaction with your date happens face to face. Keep swiping right on happn or Cola Meets Burger (or get on a dating site that requires a substantial profile and your credit card, dammit! " to the person who asks you out to dinner on mass transit; it makes for a great story and in retrospect for me, put my dating life in perspective.

Brooke Sager is an NYC-based contributing writer for Thrillist who believes there's something to be said for always leaving your house with your hair done.

So there’s a section of the female population that would be classed as ‘perma-single’. She’ll need days when you’re not there Because for a perma-single girl, days on the sofa alone are of big importance. She won’t expect you to pay A treat is nice but after a while you’re going to need to let her pay for a meal. She’ll have a really good job It might even be better than yours. She’s been opening doors for herself for years, she’s got this. She’ll only make enough dinner for one Because well, who else is she cooking for? She will sleep in the middle of the bed And hog the duvet.

You know the ones that haven’t had a proper boyfriend in a very long while? Before she starts singing Independent Woman at the top of her voice. And get really agitated if you have the audacity to breathe heavily.

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