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The other secret to staying together has been training as specialist foster carers.

I found it very hard to bear when my children left home a decade ago, but this has given us a whole new focus.

Our work patterns — Ben starts early and my shifts finish late — can mean we can go for days without seeing much of one another. We’ve only had two arguments since getting married, both about money.

Neither of us is happy seeing the other frittering cash.

But, having been to lots of friends’ weddings, I really wanted my ‘big day’.

Having spent all our savings on our wedding — we had 90 of our friends and family, a hog roast and a vintage ice cream van during the day and 250 guests in the evening — we’re now saving for a deposit on a house.

Like with any couple married for so long, there have been downs as well as ups.

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Like Theresa May with her husband, I insist it’s Ben’s job, while he says we should take turns.’BEN SAYS:'Sex has always been a very important part of our relationship though, to put it bluntly, we’ve gone from making love twice a day to once every two days over the years.

She’s a great mum and wife.’Julie Shaw, 53, an author, and husband Ben, 54, live in Bridlington, East Yorkshire.

Julie has two children from a previous marriage, Kylie, 32, and Scott, 31, who Ben has helped to raise, and six grandchildren JULIE SAYS: Ben is my second husband.

BEN SAYS: I love seeing letters come through our door addressed to Mr and Mrs Cooper, it makes me feel like a really solid couple. I didn’t see my dad for a few years afterwards and envied friends whose parents were married.

I really wanted that stability for my own children. To get a mortgage, for example, we have to amass a huge deposit.

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