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Siting Any shady spot can support a thriving colony of wood anemones.Even urban gardens where shade is cast from tall buildings, rather than trees, can offer adequate hospitality.It is the only known flower in existence that exhilarates the heart and mind of the fair sex".Leaving aside such a bizarre claim, this underlines the high esteem in which this plant has long been held, and not just by gardeners.The flowers remain closed and hang their heads, protecting delicate and precious pollen from lashing rain.When the sun shines, stems straighten and the flowers are held aloft, fully open, following the sun's course across the sky.Our native plant has white flowers, softly shaded with lavender pink on their reverse. Some look very much alike, although there are subtle differences.

You could also try planting the wild form with primroses, violets and buttercups.

There are certainly some pernickety gentians, which are best-suited to the care of enthusiasts, but there are also a number that will settle down reasonably happily in most gardens, provided a few cultivation requirements are met.

The spring gentian, Gentiana verna, is one of these.

The appeal of this plant lies in the intense ultramarine blue of the flat, star-like flowers with their five propeller-shaped petals and white throats.

These flowers unfold from pyramid-shaped buds over several weeks in late April and May, and are one of the great joys of the hardy alpine garden in late spring.

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