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Chinchillas need more consistency in their diets than most small mammals.

Because a chinchilla’s microflora (microbes that reside in the intestines and play a critical role in digestion) are delicately balanced, your pet’s health may be seriously compromised if his daily diet is dramatically altered or if you offer him too many treats.

Chinchillas are naturally active around dawn and dusk, and although you can change their habits gradually, try to feed your chinchilla at around the same time each morning and night.

Most chinchillas will bond closely with their owners.

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Remove soiled bedding, droppings and stale food from the cage daily.

However, like any animal, you must be gentle and consistent to gain the trust of your pet before he will let you handle him.

Before handling, make sure that your chinchilla is awake and alert.

Boosting your chinchilla’s immune system efficiency with a supplement such as Anise or Yucca will also help keep him healthy and happy.

Supplementing your pet’s diet with dry hay to nibble on at their leisure is good practice.

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